Tales of Omma

WIllan Belloquet, letter to Tolerance

August 29th, 1248 EH,

Honorable Brother Tolerance,

I write you this letter so that none might suspect my findings—please copy the text you see below and deliver it to Brother Perspicacity. Take note to copy it exactly, but leave aside any stray marks made in the haste of my writing. Burn it once you are done, I know my master will do the same with your copy.

"It seems that my efforts have already been richly rewarded; the guardsmen had stumbled upon the Mirador's foundation! I think the Gods themselves have come to my aid; a simple swordsman sent to scout by the guard had Isa-visions—a true Warlock!—and warned that our efforts were being haunted by malign white hand. It seems it will be like Benrelev again, with that old devil's servants close at our heels. The Temple of Isa in Carballo has a small chapter of the Order of Hest that might grant us aid with the worst of them.

If the Mirador can be secured, my levered harmonic solver will decompose the readings from the site. This will give us the most precise location of the Yanyaro's Triple Temple yet! Even if its treasures are lost to the ages, its hidden lore will publish a score of books. Those cowards in the Tower of Anthropology may learn the value of field work at last. With your permission, I will keep hidden in this old fort for a month, sending my next letter with the start of the fall.

Ever your servant,

Willan Belloquet"

We will share frank words later. I thank you again

Ever your friend,

Willan Belloquet


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