Tales of Omma

PK's Log: III

The gang got back to the Old Redlegs Fort in the nick of time, arriving just as a wave of twenty birdmen hit the fort's defenses. Though the fighting was bloody, the group managed to reach Florian just as he made a daring stand against the birdman warlock. The unarmed birdmen were whipped into a frenzy by their dark master—but the Guard's steel cut through feathers and flesh, spilling black birdman blood over the dry pine needles. The hideous scraelings were driven off, but were certain to return—perhaps with some boon from their white-handed master in the pool…

Can the ruin be made secure? Will more reinforcements be sent? Can Carballo's Finest dance with the devil in the Tartanian moonlight and hope to live?


iamfranch iamfranch

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